Shipping & Returns 

Shipping. You love it and you hate it. Lucky for you, most items will ship for a flat rate of $10.00. I do my best to keep the prices reasonable so that you can enjoy shopping, not worrying about shipping. Carry on friends! 

As far as returns go, you will not ever need to return a piece. Should the item you purchased be available for purchase again (prints, stickers, etc.) I can send you another for a flat rate of $5 shipping.

In the event your item was a one and done (original painting, ceramic, etc.) I will give you store credit for the amount you spent on your item(s). For example, if you paid $65 for an original painting, I will credit your account for $65 dollars to be used as payment for another item of your choice.

Again, there are no “returns” only exchanges or credit for other items!