Why Following Your Heart Is The Most Important Decision You Can Make

“Life is too short to not go where your heart leads.”

-Alex Elle

Whether you realize it or not, your heart is the compass of your life. Your heart is full of passion and purpose. The things that set your soul on fire aren’t random, they are all part of a bigger calling. Your heart knows where to go. Even when it seems completely unreasonable, follow it because something incredible is waiting on the other side.

Following your heart has become somewhat of a cliche, I won’t lie, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t 100% true. It is. Look at the truly influential people of the world, what do they all have in common? They are white hot for what sets their soul on fire. They don’t operate at 50%, they are all in all the time. Now here’s the secret, these people aren’t super human. They are no more qualified to change the world than you or I. The secret? They found their passion, jumped in the deep end and didn’t look back. They followed their hearts.

Nothing worth while is done in safety. Sure it’s comfortable, but we were never created to live in our comfort zones. In fact, I will be as bold as to say if you are comfortable you probably aren’t where you are supposed to be. Life is full of risk and failure and yes those things are scary, but if you let fear control your life you aren’t living, you’re existing.

You have a dream and a purpose and it is important, but if you spend your life standing at the edge you will never fly. Sure you might fall, but even the fall is worth more than never taking the leap in the first place. Life is all about progress. Every minute of every day we are progressing. Find a passion and give it everything. Follow your heart. We all have a set amount of days on this beautiful planet, make the choice to make the most of it. Be a risk taker. Step off the ledge.

Life can take almost everything from you, but it can’t take your dream–not unless you let it. Take your heart seriously. Be impractical. You don’t owe the world an explanation for how you live your life. God knows what He’s doing, trust the fall.

This might seem simple, even silly, but it could not be more vital. You were made to change the world. Your purpose is important to the Kingdom of Heaven. Don’t allow the world to belittle what God has laid on your heart. There is a reason. Live your life as boldly as you can and step out in faith that everything will work out because it will.

It’s never too late to make a change. All you have to do is decide and then do that. The power is already inside you.