To Live For Not Against

I feel compelled to say this as loudly and as profoundly as I can:


So, here’s the thing, life isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t always pretty. But you can always choose to invest in yourself and your future. When we fight against our circumstances, they can get exponentially worse. The ticket is to focus on fighting for something: your dreams, your future, your health. The list is endless.

As I’ve been watching and listening these past few months, I’ve noticed a trend. It’s all about fighting against things, whether the intention is good or not, it will never work. And yes, I understand that’s a bold thing to say in these times, but I feel quite strongly about it.

If you truly believe in something, you should be fighting for it, and I emphasize the word “fighting” lightly. You should advocate, educate, talk about your views in a way that leads to enlightenment, not enragement. And don’t run from the things you are passionate about, even if it scares you. Being scared is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, just don’t let it hold you back.

I think so many people miss their purpose because they’re focused on destroying instead of building. Build an audience. Build a plan. Build a purpose. Build a passion. Build a solid foundation for your life.

Don’t spend your time fighting against things, it will only slow and bog you down. It all starts with your mind. If you can retrain your brain to think of being for something instead of against another, your entire life will begin to change. So what are you for?

I am for art and the impact is can make on people. I am for life, any and every kind is precious in God’s eyes. I am for community. I am for uplifting my friends. And there are a thousand more!

Find what you are for and build, build, build! Create a purpose to inspire those around you. Reflect and remember, standing for something will always shine brighter than hating against something.