Healing Isn't Linear and Other Thoughtful Discoveries

Healing isn’t linear. There is no one all fix. It’s messy and exhausting. Healing isn’t fast. It isn’t always pretty and it definitely isn’t easy. But it’s worth it.

You owe it to yourself to be happy again, to smile again. You deserve to wake up every morning with joy in your heart and fire in your soul. To feel good for you, not your parents or your boyfriend or your best friend. You.

Somewhere along the way, we all get lost. We forget that we are full of stardust and grace and power. That we hold the key to our happiness. We give up this gift for mediocrity and safety, but darling nothing grows there. This world was made for you, like the creases in your palms it tells your story. Every mountain you climb, every sea you sail is a chapter in this book called life. Do not shy away from the grand adventure.

Breath it in. Let it wrap around you. Allow every crack in your soul to spew light and love and faith. Break down so that you can break free. Healing isn’t linear, but it’s necessary. To put the pieces back together again into something brand new. Radical, fierce, fearless, this new you has no room for half way. Be wild, be reckless. Follow what sets your soul on fire. Live unapologetically. You, this beautiful soul God created, can move mountains and part oceans. You can change the world.

Thank your scars for what they have given you, for the strength you now have. Unwrap your wounds and embrace your pain. Healing isn’t linear, but it sets you free.