Finding the Bye in Goodbye: A Chronicle of Letting Go + Moving On

Out of all the lessons God has taught me, goodbyes have been the hardest and the most bitter sweet. No one likes to see things come to an end, that’s human nature, but sometimes trying to hold on to what was can do more harm than good.

More often than not we cause ourselves more pain by trying to relive the past than by acknowledging that it is over and moving forward. I get it, when you loose something or someone all you want to do is hold on even tighter. You replay the memories over and over and over in your head and then you cry. A lot. Change isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re willing to leave behind the old, something even better will take its place.

Healing doesn’t happen over night, but when you cling to the hurt you are feeling it drags you down like an anchor and believe me, I speak from personal experience. But the thing I’ve learned is that in order to actually heal you have to face your pain. Don’t lie down with it and wallow, but come to it with an open heart ready to acknowledge and honor whatever is hurting. Invite God into your pain and be honest, brutally vulnerable. This is where the magic happens.

If you’re like me, the natural instinct is to hold it all in and act like you’re fine, to act strong. This does not work and in the end only delays the healing process. It takes some time, but eventually you will reach a place where you are ready to move on with your life. You’ll finally understand the bye in goodbye.

The healing that transpires from this place will mend you from the inside out. However you reach this place, once you are here your healing is going to happen fast and God is going to work miracles in your life you didn’t think possible. Your whole world is going to shift and the sun is going to shine brighter than it ever did.

It takes honesty, with yourself and those you love, but the end result is closure. Perfect closure that defies logic. God will grant you the peace that you’ve waited so long for. Things will shift rapidly and all I can say is hold on for the ride of your life. You will be put back together a different person, a better version than you ever were before. A light inside you will grow that no man can put out.

However, you don’t reach this place lightly. You will have to weather the storm, but it doesn’t last forever. It takes time to mentally/emotionally/spiritually prepare for this transition so if you aren’t there yet, take heart. You will experience holy healing and it will be worth the hurt you are experiencing now. Hold fast and don’t give in. I was you and I didn’t think the healing would ever truly come, but God proved me wrong.

Your vulnerability will set you free, the light only gets in through cracks after all. You will rise stronger than ever before. God will heal you. The rain will stop and the clouds will clear, but first, you have to find the courage to say goodbye.