Don't Say, Do

Here we are, approaching the arc of the first month of 2020. How’s it been going? Have you planned out your year and where you want to be, or have you still been focusing on the same job, in the same place, with no real vision for your future. If so, that’s okay, there’s still time to kickstart your dreams. But in order to reach our best selves, we have to stop saying and starting doing. We’re never really ready, but here we are anyways. Are you going to take the jump?

So many times what stops us is fear. Fear that it won’t work out or fear that it does work out and we won’t be able to handle it. And we all feel that way at times, but the main difference between those who pursue their dreams and those who don’t is fear, those who go all in and don’t let fear stop them. They’re not invincible to fear, it’s there, they must choose to keep it small in order to do big things, life changing, world altering things.

We all have that potential inside of us, that dream that seems too unrealistic or unreachable. But I am standing up and saying we can do those things! If it’s hard, if it will take time or resources, do it anyways. Anything we do will be hard and time consuming, so why are we wasting our lives away doing things that do not set our souls on fire. 🔥

It seems silly almost, that any of us think we can live ordinary lives and be extraordinarily happy, or that we can make extraordinary change in our world. Playing it safe won’t leave you feeling satisfied. It’s the worst kind of safety net. You think it’ll protect you when all it really does is keep you in a cage, it keeps you from flying. And I’m not saying it can’t be comfortable there, because it is. That’s why so many people stay there, but we were never made to live our lives in safety.

My God tells me to live boldly, justly, and courageously. To do His work and take big, scary steps toward my wildest dreams because those are the plans He has laid on my heart. Do they make sense? Not all the time. Are they scary? The scariest. But do they set me free? More than anything ever could.

Following my heart has led me to some wild places and some hard times, but I don’t regret them. In fact, they are some of my proudest moments. I didn’t let the world’s fears slow me down or deter me. I knew what I needed to do and I did it, without much second thought. And those are the times I’ve felt more myself than ever.

So my advice to anyone this year is don’t say, do. Make the changes you want to see in your life. Do big, scary things that make you proud of you. Follow your wildest dreams and see how they change your life. Let this year be bold. Don’t let fear control you any longer, it is a liar. Don’t hold yourself back. I’m cheering you on!

Life is a gift, don’t waste it. Take your dreams and run with them. Make this year the start of a new you, a you that is happy and living their best version. Now’s the time! Don’t wait for next month, next year, the next five years. Time is moving now and it’s time to jump on board. I believe in you, now you just have to believe in yourself.